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Sustainable finance regulation

Regulation on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (SFDR)

The SFDR is a European Union Regulation that forms part of the EU’s Action Plan to integrate sustainability considerations into its financial policy framework in order to mobilise finance for sustainable growth. 

The SFDR lays down disclosure obligations for manufacturers of financial products and financial advisers toward end-investors, in relation to the integration of sustainability risks, and as regards adverse impacts on sustainability matters at entity and financial products levels. 

Pictet Asset Management supports the goals of the SFDR and the wider EU Action Plan and complies with the SFDR as of its entry into force on 10th March 2021. 

For further details, please refer to our Responsible Investment Policy which provides an overall description of our approach to ESG and Responsible Investment and has been updated in line with the SFDR’s requirements. 

Furthermore, our Sustainability capabilities page outlines our range of sustainability-related strategies and our fund pages describe the variations in approach to ESG integration, exclusions, active ownership, and (where applicable) the promotion of environmental or social characteristics or sustainable investment objectives.


Integration of sustainability risks (Articles 3 and 6 SFDR)
All funds of Pictet and Pictet TR integrate sustainability risks into their investment processes. They consider mainly transition, physical, environmental, social and governance risks. More details can be found in our Responsible Investment Policy.

Remuneration policy (Article 5 SFDR)
Our remuneration policy is consistent with the integration of sustainability risks and has been published on our website under the following link.

Transparency of adverse sustainability impacts (Articles 4 and 7 SFDR)
Pictet Asset Management (Europe) SA as well as all sub-funds of Pictet and Pictet TR will consider adverse sustainability impacts.

Exclusion policy
Each category of investment strategy applies certain exclusions relating to direct investment in companies and countries that are deemed incompatible with Pictet Asset Management’s approach to responsible investment.

Promotion of environmental/social characteristics or sustainable investment objectives (Article 8 and 9 SFDR)
In addition to integrating ESG risks in their investment process, funds can either promote environmental or social characteristics (Article 8 SFDR) or have sustainable investments as an objective (Article 9 SFDR).

Our funds are classified according to the following categories:

  • Article 8 – Core standards funds seek to apply a higher number of exclusions, subject to good governance practices.
    Funds concerned: Digital, Premium Brands, Robotics, Security, Global Megatrend Selection, Japanese Equity Opportunities, Japanese Equity Selection, Quest Global Equities
  • Article 8 – Positive tilt funds seek to increase the weight of securities with low sustainability risks and/or to decrease the weight of securities with high sustainability risks, subject to good governance practices.
    Funds concerned: Family, Sustainable Emerging Debt Blend
  • Article 8 – Best in class funds seek to invest in securities of issuers with low sustainability risks while avoiding those with high sustainability risks, subject to good governance practices.
    Funds concerned: Global Sustainable Credit, Quest Emerging Sustainable Equities, Quest Europe Sustainable Equities
  • Article 9 – Positive impact funds seek to invest mainly in economic activities that contribute to an environmental and/or social objective. The ESG characteristics of issuers are taken into account to increase or decrease their target weight, subject to good governance practices.
    Funds concerned: Biotech, Clean Energy, Global Environmental Opportunities, Global Thematic Opportunities, Health, Human, Nutrition, SmartCity, Timber, Water

Transparency of the promotion of environmental or social characteristics and of sustainable investments on websites (Article 10 SFDR)
Our website contains a description of the environmental or social characteristics or the sustainable investment objective as well as information on the methodologies used to manage the environmental or social characteristics of the product. The details can be found on the specific page of the relevant fund.