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Investors can no
longer ignore Asia

Why invest in Asia?

Thanks to the region's growth potential and better management of the pandemic, Asia has become a core asset with superior long-term growth characteristics. Find out how to capture the investment potential of Asia.
Test your knowledge on the Asian investment opportunity

Asia is emerging out of the crisis stronger and with greater influence on the world stage, pulling the globe’s economic centre of gravity steadily to the East.

Luca Paolini
Luca Paolini Chief Strategist

Find out what is driving Asia’s strong growth and the potential for long-term investors.

Did you know? Emerging Asia accounts for around
of both world economy and global corporate profits but makes up only 10% of global equity market index and 3% of the bond counterpart
Source: Pictet Asset Management, CEIC, World Bank, February 2021
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Why invest in China?
Why have Asia's equity markets remained resilient in times of crisis?
Will China bonds continue to outperform?
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