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Responsible investment at Pictet Asset Management

Our approach to responsible investment

Responsibility is embedded in everything we do, starting with our investment framework.

The right thing to do

Responsibility goes hand-in-hand with a long-term, partnership approach. It means having a sense of responsibility and integrity not only towards the present generation but also to future generations – and to the real economy and the wider world.

We believe in responsible capitalism and take an enlarged view of the economy and its interactions with civil society and the natural environment.

We are convinced that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations can help us make better long-term investment decisions for our clients.

The strength of our convictions led us to create for our clients a range of innovative environmental and social equity strategies that are today among the oldest and largest in the market, such as Water, launched in 2000.

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Our approach to responsible investing: 5 main pillars

1. We integrate ESG into investment processes and risk management
All our active long-only equity and fixed-income investment strategies integrate ESG considerations when making investment decisions, to complement financial analysis.

For investors with higher ESG ambitions, our best-in-class strategies invest in companies with stronger governance as well as cleaner operations and products. We offer equity and fixed income sustainable strategies.

For those investors looking to have a specific and measurable impact, our environmental and social impact strategies invest in companies that provide solutions to challenges such as climate change, the energy transition or water scarcity.
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2. We engage with companies and governments
As active managers we can add value and mitigate risks by engaging with sovereign and corporate issuers on ESG topics. Through our engagement, we aim both to exercise our responsibilities as investors and to contribute to shaping a more sustainable, prosperous, healthy and equitable society.
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3. We systematically exercise voting rights
Leveraging our power as investors to achieve positive change, we systematically exercise our voting rights in the best interests of our clients. 
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4. We are transparent with clients 
Transparency and detailed reporting differentiate true integration from box-ticking. In our reports, ESG characteristics are measured at a portfolio level and compared with the benchmark. Our Sustainability Reports provide additional data on our environmental and social impacts. 
Company-level reports:
SDGs exposure report
Active Ownership report
Proxy voting policy
A responsible vision brochure
UNPRI transparency report

5. We act as stewards of responsible investing
We are committed advocates of responsible investing and play an active role in supporting organisations that promote responsible finance and sustainable investments. We also see it as our mission to educate investors about responsible and sustainable investment practices.
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A few key facts
How are ESG risks integrated into fundamental research and day-to-day investment decisions?
Pictet Asset Management employees share their involvement in responsible investing.

Pictet Asset Management, November 2019