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Regulation on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (SFDR)

The SFDR is a European Union Regulation that forms part of the EU’s Action Plan to integrate sustainability considerations into its financial policy framework in order to mobilise finance for sustainable growth. 

The SFDR lays down disclosure obligations for manufacturers of financial products and financial advisers toward end-investors, in relation to the integration of sustainability risks, and as regards adverse impacts on sustainability matters at entity and financial products levels. 

Pictet Asset Management supports the goals of the SFDR and the wider EU Action Plan and complies with the SFDR as of its entry into force on 10th March 2021. 

For further details, please refer to our Responsible Investment Policy which provides an overall description of our approach to ESG and Responsible Investment and has been updated in line with the SFDR’s requirements. 

Furthermore, our Sustainability capabilities page outlines our range of sustainability-related strategies and our fund pages describe the variations in approach to ESG integration, exclusions, active ownership, and (where applicable) the promotion of environmental or social characteristics or sustainable investment objectives.