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Thematic investing

SmartCity: building our urban future
Around the world cities are adapting to the demands of a swelling population by embracing sustainability and investing in new technologies. That's...
October 2019
Nutrition: investing in the future of food
Help prevent and cure disease with nutrition1
September 2019
Discover the next frontier of technological achievement and invest in a theme affecting all aspects of everyday life
June 2019
The future of cities
The digital revolution has launched a wave of innovation in the world’s cities says MIT’s Carlo Ratti providing opportunities to improve urban...
September 2018
Using nutrition to boost fund performance
Interviewed in The Mail on Sunday Cedric Lecamp Senior Investment Manager of the Pictet-Nutrition fund discusses the importance of investing in firms...
Cédric Lecamp, Senior Investment Manager May 2018
Better living: a long-term investment opportunity
The trend to more healthier lifestyles is generating investment opportunities.
March 2018
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