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UN Sustainable Development Goals at Pictet Asset Management

Pictet Asset Management’s exposure to the Sustainable Development Goals

17 goals: a call to action to make the world a better place

What are the UN sustainable development goals?

The sustainable development goals are a set of global social, environmental and economic targets, agreed by the United Nations in 2015 for its member countries. Initially designed for policy makers and governments, the SDGs are now being embraced by businesses as they try to report on their sustainability efforts and credentials.

In the financial services sector, investors are also becoming more interested in knowing about how the companies in their portfolio are exposed to the SDGs. However, so far, very little standardisation in company reporting is available. Some companies only focus the communication on their own strong points, carry out assessments at a very superficial level or outright “greenwash” their own unsustainable activities.

The 17 goals of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Source: UN, 2020

How do we apply the framework at Pictet Asset Management?

At Pictet Asset Management, we aim to identify investible themes that lay at the intersection of megatrends. Our sustainability-themed strategies follow impact objectives that are captured to an important degree by the SDG framework. Often, our thematic universes have a close link to at least one or more SDGs based on the nature of their investable universe. This allows us to provide a foundation for a viable investment framework despite the inefficiencies of companies’ SDG reporting. 


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Our clients want to know whether the companies we invest in are helping to build a better future.

Di Patrizi Luca
Luca Di Patrizi, Head of Intermediaries