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Barometer: Waiting for stimulus to kick in
Governments and central banks are battling hard to contain the economic effects of a global pandemic. While the stimulus should benefit riskier...
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit April 2020
Thematic equities: their use in a diversified portfolio
Steve Freedman, Senior Product Specialist December 2019
Into the drop zone: helicopter money in the US
Steve Donzé, Senior Macro Strategist March 2020
Insurers and the low yield conundrum
Patricia Schuetz, Senior Client Portfolio Manager March 2020
QE in emerging markets - A new era?
In the face of the current economic crisis, emerging markets (EM) are turning to QE for the first time. Our economists look at the measures announced...
Anjeza Kadilli, Senior Economist, Kiran Nandra, Senior Product Specialist April 2020
Defensive investments, redefined
Money market funds are a good option for investors seeking to shore up their defences. Here’s why combining them with short-term investment grade...
Raymond Sagayam, Chief Investment Officer - Fixed income, Stéphane Rüegg, Senior Client Portfolio Manager April 2020
Coronavirus: Message from the Partners
In a time of almost unprecedented global emergency caused by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pictet Asset Management, like so many others is...
April 2020
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