Five lessons from the pandemic
Looking back on a year many would rather forget, our chief strategist Luca Paolini discusses developments that should live long in our collective...
Luca Paolini, Chief Strategist January 2021
A climate-aware US ushers in a new era for clean energy
Stephen Freedman, Senior Product Specialist January 2021

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Barometer: It's in the price
While economic conditions continue to improve, there are signs the market rally is running ahead of fundamentals. We have consequently dialled down...
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit May 2021
Aiming for zero: Europe raises its clean energy game
Why Europe's ambitious new climate plan  will help the region become carbon neutral and spur investments into the clean energy industry.
Stephen Freedman, Senior Product Specialist April 2021
Barometer: Let the rally continue
Ample monetary and fiscal stimulus should provide a strong boost to the economy and corporate profits. Which is why we continue to favour cyclical...
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit April 2021
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