Responsible investing

Controversial weapons: a call to index providers
We are calling on index providers to exclude controversial weapons from mainstream indices.
Laurent Ramsey, Managing Partner and CEO October 2019
Proxy voting
Voting rights are exercised systematically on all mutual funds managed by Pictet Asset Management's entities.
June 2019
Demystifying sustainable investing
There's much more to responsible investing than avoiding "sin" stocks. And it can make financial sense too.
April 2019
Sustainability: what investors can learn from the UN and the Nobel prize
A sustainable economy will only become a reality if investors get serious about protecting the environment. That's the message from the UN and the...
Laurent Ramsey, Managing Partner and CEO December 2018
Pictet and sustainability
Since the Pictet group was founded we have instinctively considered the interests of future generations.
Laurent Ramsey, Managing Partner and CEO October 2016
Environmental stewardship
Managing and improving our direct environmental impact were key reasons behind the construction of our new headquarters building in Geneva.
October 2016
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