Thematic investing

Nutrition: investing in the future of food
Help prevent and cure disease with nutrition1
September 2019
Stars align for cyber security boom
Geopolitical tensions more regulation the rise of 5G. This unlikely trio of stars shines on the cyber security industry and its investors.
The Thematic Advisory Board June 2019
Buying into the theme
Specialist companies usually make for effective innovators and, therefore, attractive investments. That's why they feature prominently in our...
October 2018
The future of cities
The digital revolution has launched a wave of innovation in the world’s cities says MIT’s Carlo Ratti providing opportunities to improve urban...
September 2018
Ten years of Pictet-Digital
The tenth anniversary of the Pictet-Digital fund is a good occasion on which to look at how all kinds of everyday things move into the digital world;...
August 2018
Lab-meat from petri-dish to the supermarket
Vegetarian meat is gaining a place in the diet of more Europeans. However an even better alternative to the real thing is on its way.
March 2018
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