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We began investing in emerging markets in the mid-1980s. Since then, we have developed a range of fixed income and equity EM investment strategies, helping investors capitalise on the dynamism of the emerging world whatever their risk appetite. 


Boasting economic growth above that of developed nations, emerging markets (EM) are a rich source of investment opportunities. Yet they remain under-represented in global indices. EM countries account for just 13 per cent of the MSCI All Countries World Index and only 3 per cent of global bond benchmarks - even though they generate 50 per cent of world GDP and corporate profits1.

It’s an anomaly we believe will gradually disappear. And as it does so, investors with allocations to EM bond and stocks stand to reap attractive rewards. 

Early movers in emerging markets

We were early to recognise the potential of EM assets, making our first equity investment in 1989, and expanding into bonds in the late 1990s. In the decades that followed, we developed EM dollar-denominated, local currency and corporate debt investment strategies. 

Since then, we have added to our capabilities, launching a liquid emerging-market long/short fixed-income strategy and, more recently, a sustainable EMD blend strategy.
Key milestones in the development of Emerging Market investing at Pictet Asset Management
timeline of emerging markets at pam

Source: Pictet Asset Management, data as at 30.09.2019

Responsible investing

Integration of ESG factors and sustainability risk have become the norm in our investment processes, including EM strategies.

We also manage sustainable EM equity and bond strategies, which focus investments in companies and countries with stronger governance, and cleaner operations and products.

Selected insights

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EM Hedge Funds

We believe the EM universe provides compelling alpha opportunities to deliver the uncorrelated returns investors are seeking. This is the element that underpins our hedge fund strategies. 

Liquid Global Macro EM fixed income (Sirius) - Managed by a specialist team out of our London office, this strategy is highly liquid and invests in a wide range of EM sovereign bonds, rates and FX instruments. The strategy has no directional bias or benchmark constraints and takes long/short positions through the use of derivatives. 

Greater China Long/short directional equities (Mandarin) - Managed out of Geneva and Hong Kong by a four-member team with local expertise, this strategy seeks to benefit from structural winners and losers created by China’s transition towards a consumption-driven, higher value added, more diversified economy.

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EM Equities

We began investing in global emerging equities in 1989 as we were early to recognise the investment opportunities in these rapidly developing markets. Since then, we have been managing a range of global, regional and country strategies for clients around the world.

Today, we have specialist investment professionals based in London, Hong Kong and Geneva.

Focus areas: Global EM (1991), Emerging Europe (1994), Asia ex Japan (1995), Indian equities (1996), Greater China (2003), Russian equities (2008), EM Sustainable equities (2010), EM High Dividend (2012).

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Please select a representative fund from the list below to find out more

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Our team

Research capabilities

We do not impose a single investment approach on our teams. Rather, we give them the freedom to develop compelling investment ideas that meet our clients' goals.

Our EM portfolio managers are supported by career research analysts, the Pictet Strategy Unit and our economist team. 

We have a dedicated EM equity research team based in our London office. In addition, we have research analysts embedded in our investment teams.

The Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit (PSU) is the investment group responsible for providing asset allocation guidance across stocks, bonds, cash and commodities. The group is composed of economists, macro strategists, chief investment officers across asset classes as well as other senior investment managers.

The Economic Analysis team provides top-down analysis for investment teams including updates of economic activity, macroeconomic scenarios and themes with different time horizons, and specific indicators developed in-house.

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