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Institutional investor or Financial intermediary?

Active ownership: proxy voting and ESG engagement activities
Being a responsible investor requires exercising voting rights in the best interests of clients and engaging with companies and sovereign issuers
June 2020

Make a positive environmental impact

Investors can contribute to a more sustainable world and generate attractive returns. Find out how.

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Aiming for zero: Europe raises its clean energy game
Why Europe's ambitious new climate goal will help it become carbon neutral and spur investments into the clean energy industry.
Stephen Freedman, Senior Product Specialist October 2020
Barometer: Positive signs but red flags flutter
The global economy's recovery from the effects of the pandemic continues, but investors face a number of risks in the coming months.
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit October 2020
Going viral: scenarios for a post-pandemic world
There are various paths the world could take in the wake of the Covid-19 health crisis. Our study presents investors with four scenarios that might...
Stephen Freedman, Senior Product Specialist, Daria (Dasha) Krivonos, CEO and Futurist Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies September 2020
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