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September 2021

Messenger RNA: The Outsiders Strike Back

The development of effective vaccines against the coronavirus in the space of just 10 months has elevated mRNA to the status of a virtual saviour of the world. But the creation of these vaccines is rooted in more than 30 years of technological research. We are pleased to bring you this story.

You will no doubt already be familiar with mRNA. It is the clever bio-molecular technology behind the Pfizer-Biontech and Moderna Covid vaccines. Its distinguishing feature is that it can instruct the human body to create proteins, the essential components of almost every one of our bodily processes. Put simply, mRNA can turn each of us into pharmaceutical factories.

1960-1990: the Beatles years of mRNA

Less familiar, perhaps, is the fascinating story behind the development of mRNA and the promise it holds for medical science. As you will discover in this detailed account, supported by Pictet and written by health correspondents at Swiss media group Heidi News, mRNA was no overnight success; it was decades in the making.

As long-term investors in health and technology, it is a story we have been following closely and that we are delighted to bring to you.

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