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Momentum is building to tackle climate change. Clean Energy investors can play their part.

Governments including the EU, China, Japan, UK and soon the US under President-elect Biden are planning huge programs to tackle both the climate emergency and air pollution, through the transition from fossil fuels to zero-carbon – or ‘clean’ energy.

Pictet Asset Management captures opportunities across the whole of the energy transition through Clean Energy – from renewable energy and electric vehicles to the technology and infrastructure that support them. The transition could provide substantial growth potential for years to come. It could also help drive a post-pandemic economic recovery around the world.

Help consign fossil fuels to the history books! Test your knowledge of the Clean Energy transition with our quiz

The transition to net zero emissions represents the greatest commercial opportunity of our time.

Mark Carney
Mark Carney, Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance

Clean Energy investing in action

Clean Energy promises a smarter future, not just in power generation, but a range of innovative technologies and applications across our buildings, factories and cars. Watch our short educational video to see some examples.

Why are you interested in Clean Energy investing?

Our range of thematic environmental strategies

Pictet Asset Management has been a pioneer in  thematic and environmental investing for the last 25 years. 

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