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近日,瑞士百达资产管理集团(以下简称“瑞士百达”) 发现有人在中国内地和香港未经我们的授权而非法使用我们的名称 (包括“瑞士百达”、“Pictet”)、商标和/或标示向中国的个人投资者非法募集资金,如假借“瑞士百达”的名义,通过手机应用程序及聊天群组向散户提供炒股培训及开户炒股服务等不法活动,已有中国个人投资者声称因上述欺诈行为而遭受损失。对于任何未经本公司授权而使用我们的名称、商标和/或标示的侵权行为,可能导致本集团名誉受损,我们保留追究相关侵权人法律责任的所有权利。


  1. 瑞士百达的唯一官方网站是:www.am.pictet,瑞士百达资产管理的手机应用程序 (即Pictet AM) 只能于App Store 及 Google Play 下载。其他网站及其载有的应用程序均与本公司无关。
  2. 瑞士百达未在中国内地注册或运营任何网站、网络应用程序或网络平台(包括应用程序或官方微博等),也不会使用微信、QQ或其它即时通讯工具建立群组在中国进行任何募集销售行为。
  3. 瑞士百达在中国内地与香港只会通过持牌金融机构向个人投资者销售产品,并无直接销售渠道。除了通过中国内地与香港的基金互认安排销售“瑞士百达策略收益基金”之外,瑞士百达未在中国内地向公众发行任何基金或理财产品。




Important note

Unauthorizeduse of "Pictet" trade name and/or logo

Recently it has come into the attention of Pictet Asset Management group ("Pictet") that our trade name "Pictet" and/or our logo have been misused by unauthorized persons in Mainland China and Hong Kong for illegal fund-raising from Chinese investors, such as providing retail investors with stock trading training and account opening and stock trading services in the name of "Pictet" via mobile apps and chat groups. Some Chinese individual investors have alleged that they have suffered losses due to such fraud. We reserve all our legal rights to take legal actions against such unauthorized usage of our name and/or logo which may lead to reputational loss on us.

Pictet would like to alert the public and hereby declares the following:

  1. Pictet's only official website is www.am.pictet and Pictet Asset Management's mobile apps (i.e. Pictet AM) are only available for download at App Store and Google Play. All other webpages and apps other than aforementioned are unrelated to Pictet.
  2. Pictet has not registered or operated any website, online application or platform in Mainland China, such as app and official Weibo account. We will not conduct any distribution activities in China via chat groups of WeChat, QQ or any other instant communication tools.
  3. We only sell products through licensed financial institutions to individual investors in Hong Kong and Mainland China and have no direct sales channels. Except for Pictet Strategic Income fund distributed under the Mainland China – Hong Kong Mutual Recognition of Funds scheme, Pictet has not issued any fund or wealth management product to retail investors in Mainland China. 

We would like to remind all investors to be vigilant and conduct sufficient due diligence before making any investment. If you have suffered any loss due to illegal activities, it is advisable to timely report the case to local police. If any disclosure of personal information is involved in Hong Kong, you may file the complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data or any other relevant Hong Kong authorities for protection of personal data privacy.

Pictet Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited

24 May 2021