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Climate change and emerging markets after Covid-19
What are the risks and opportunities? Professor Hepburn and his team at the Oxford Smith School present their analysis in this exclusive report.
January 2021
Barometer: No need for evasive action
Even if China is flexing its regulatory muscles and Covid infection rates remain uncomfortably high, equities aren't likely to suffer if the economic...
Pictet Asset Management Strategy Unit August 2021
Proxy voting
Leveraging our power as investors to achieve positive change, we systematically exercise our voting rights in the best interests of our clients.
July 2021
ESG in Practice series: Cédric Lecamp on engagement in the Water strategy
For C├ędric Lecamp, managing a USD10 billion strategy with a 20-year track record means he has an outsized opportunity to engage with companies and...
Cédric Lecamp July 2021
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